Christening the Medal of Honor Highway

Friends of Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway,


Last year Covid 19 caused Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation to postpone it’s plans for Ken Hanel and myself to walk across the newly named Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway (U.S.20) in an event called, Walk the Walk. 

May 11th, 2021 Ken, I and a small support crew will begin that 432-mile walk.  We will walk six-mile segments, each of which will be dedicated to a Nebraska Medal of Honor Recipient. We alternate walking three segments each for a total of 36 miles and then join together in walking a 37th mile at the end of each day.  Using the attached file and taking into account each segment takes two hours and that we start at 05:00 am, you are able to easily track our progress.

Anyone is invited to join us anywhere along the walk.  The only rule is you are responsible for your own logistics.  When joining us, the vehicle that dropped you off must leave the area. It is your responsibility when being picked up to safely leave the area.  We never stop walking.  Our schedule is tight.  Safety is paramount.  At the end of our walk we join the community listed in the attached file for supper and to celebrate Nebraska’s newest treasure and largest veteran memorial. 

On May 22nd a motorcycle convoy will cross the Wyoming/Nebraska border at 08:00 am.  Their mission is to cross the length of Nebraska and form a flag line for our entry into Siouxland Freedom Park.  Motorcycles from American Legion Riders, Patriot Guard Riders, ABATE, and all other patriotic motorcyclist are invited to join.  Motorcycles will be joining them all along the highway that day.  We have no idea how many bikes we only know that MANY are planning to take part in this honor ride.  Our fellow patriots are excited. The Facebook page is Nebraska American Legion Medal of Honor Ride.

You are invited to join the motorcycles, Walk the Walk with Ken and I, or you may wish to simply attend the Christening of the highway at 5:30 pm in Siouxland Freedom Park.  I promise it will be a patriotic day to remember. 

When the entourage arrives Medal of Honor Recipient James C. McCloughan of Michigan will sing the National Anthem.  Governor Ricketts has been invited to introduce CMoH McCloughan and Charles Hagemeister one of only two living Nebraska Medal of Honor Recipients.  It has been heard that the Governor may have a special gift for our honored guests.  Both Medal of Honor Recipients will be speaking and then will Christen the Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway.

Segmented Walk 4-14-21


Nebraska American Legion Medal of Honor Ride

Walk The Walk Event to honor our 74 Medal of Honor Recipients
May 11th Wyoming Border to Crawford Ne. 33 miles
May 12th Crawford Ne. to Hay Springs Ne. 44 miles
May 13th Hay Springs Ne. to Gordon Ne. 27.5 miles
May 14th Gordon Ne to Cody Ne. 54.2 miles
May 15th Cody Ne to Valentine Ne. 38 miles
May 16th Valentine Ne. to Wood Lake Ne. 24.6 miles
May 17th Wood Lake Ne to Bassett Ne. 38.3 miles
May 18th Bassett Ne to Atkinson Ne. 30.7 miles
May 19th Atkinson Ne to Orchard Ne. 44.1 miles
May 20th Orchard Ne. to Osmond Ne. 33.2 miles
May 21st Osmond Ne to Laurel Ne 26.9 miles
May 22nd Laurel Ne. to Sioux City Ne. 39.4 miles
434.9 miles
Daryl Harrison and Kenneth Hanel will walk the walk across Nebraska
One will walk for 2 hours and then the other will take over for 2 hours
They will be followed by RVs and one can rest while the other walks
We are asking the public to please honor them with flag processions as they progress along the route. And show up in numbers to honor them at the towns that they stay in.

Nebraska American Legion Medal of Honor Ride

Welcome this page is all about the ride that we will have on the 22nd of May from Van Tassel Wyoming to South Sioux City Nebraska. To honor the 73 Medal of honor recipients from Nebraska. The ride will be on Medal of Honor Highway 20.

The event starts on May 11th. 2 Men will walk across Nebraska and dedicate every 6 miles to a Medal of Honor Recipient. They will wear tags around there neck with the name of the recipient as they walk the 6 mile distances. And then stop and put on a new tag with a different name.

We are asking All Motorcycle Riders from across the state to join us on the 22nd and ride across Nebraska and end up at Sioux City for a dedication to honor 2 Medal of honor Soldiers that will be there and also to Christen Highway 20 across Nebraska as Medal of honor highway. The ride will start at 7:00 am MST. but you can join us anywhere along the route.

First stop will be in Gordon Nebraska at 8:45 am MST next stop will be in Valentine at 11:45 CST and then Atkinson at 2:30 CST then Osmand at 4:15 CST Arriving in Sioux City at 5:30 CST.


You now can have your name associated with a sign location along the Medal of Honor Highway.

(Blue number circles correspond to the list of current donations for signs below.)

Additional sign locations are available for donation. We are authorized for 12 more signs across Nebraska. We can only have 2 per county thus 12 counties x 2 for 24 total signs. The full 24 depends on appropriateness of locations. Each sign donation amount is $2,000.00.

To make a donation and have your name associated with a sign location, contact:

Daryl G. Harrison (President, Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation)

Box 266, 355 So. Main

Thurston, NE  68062

(402) 922-1329


For more information CLICK HERE

Wayne State business students collaborate with Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation

Business communication classes at Wayne State College have gathered ideas for the Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation to use to raise awareness for not only the foundation and its mission, but also its upcoming Walk the Walk Across Nebraska.

The Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation planned a walk that will span the state on Highway 20, which has been designated the Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway by Gov. Pete Ricketts, according to a college media release.

The story CLICK HERE


Delays in Obtaining Military Documents for Eligibility Determinations

Dear Funeral Directors:

We are asking for your assistance. As you may be aware, the government’s primary repository for military personnel records, the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), has been closed to the public since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to numerous COVID-19 exposures occurring with increasing frequency, the NPRC has informed us they have shut down most of their remaining operations indefinitely. This decision negatively impacts our ability to obtain documents to determine eligibility for interment in national cemeteries.

We will continue to make every attempt to assist Veterans and their families, but if a service member’s records cannot be obtained through any source other than NPRC, we may not be able to make a timely eligibility determination.

We ask you to inform family members of this issue and ask them to search for any additional military documents which may be in their possession. Documents kept by the Veteran may be the only documents available at this time to verify his or her eligibility for burial.

We also encourage you to ask family members to check the following:

  • Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) or the American Legion. These organizations may have discharge documents on file for members.
  • Any orders the service member may have received or any documents showing a military service number would be helpful.
  • County clerk of the county where the service member would have returned from service. The service member may have filed their documents with the county upon discharge from military service.
  • If the service member has a set of dog tags, please send a clear photograph of them to our agency.

Any additional information provided may improve our ability to locate records. You may send any additional information or documents by fax at 1-866-900-6417 or by email at Please follow up on the fax or email with a phone call to 1-800-535-1117, Option 1, to alert us to this additional information. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your assistance in this emergency.

Jay Dalrymple

Director, National Cemetery Scheduling Office

St. Louis, MO