Medal of Honor Recipient to Fellow Green Berets Deployed: ‘Keep Doing What You’re Doing’

Over Thanksgiving, more than four thousand Army Green Berets will be deployed around the world in more than 70 countries.

Known as the “quiet professionals,” Green Berets operate in utmost secrecy all over the world, from the Middle East, to Africa, to Asia. But every now and then, they are forced into the limelight, revealing their world-class training, skills, and teamwork.


The Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation

The Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation which grew from the Highway 20 project wishes to thank the Service Organizations related to the Nebraska Veterans’ Council for their letter of support. 


The Nebraska Department of Roads Commissioners will be making their decision between two competitors and our request for HWY 20.  Only one can be chosen. Your letter made it possible to proclaim the naming of the Nebraska Medal of Honor Memorial Highway had the backing of over 30,000 Nebraska Veterans and now the naming will likely take place.  The project is highly supported by Nebraska State Legislators. 


It is highly desirable to see as many veterans at the meeting as possible on Dec. 13th at 1500 HWY 2 in the NDoR Main Building at 8:30am.  Encourage your members to help by attending and wearing their hats.  It would be very appropriate to see the command tiers please, from each organization.


The Nebraska Medal of Honor Memorial Highway belongs to all Nebraska Veterans, Active Military, Guard, and Patriotic Nebraska Citizens.  I have included an attachment that provides a break down of the Nebraska Medal of Honor, “Walk the Walk” CLICK HERE.  This walk will be in an effort to create the funding needed to cover the costs of signage now and in the future.  The Foundation exists as a steward for the NMoHMH and is currently being processed for non-profit status.  There will be many opportunities for Nebraska Veteran Organizations across the state to participate in honoring Nebraska’s Heroes of Heroes along this walk.

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Medal of Honor recipients are inspiring students with lessons on patriotism, sacrifice

In the auditorium of Florida’s Seffner Elementary, Medal of Honor recipient Gary Beikirch has the undivided attention of dozens of students.

“The Medal of Honor is about a different way to live your life,” said Beikirch, a Vietnam veteran and former Green Beret. “We want you to truly live, and I want to encourage you to live your life thinking about other people.”