Christening the Medal of Honor Highway

Friends of Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway,


Last year Covid 19 caused Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation to postpone it’s plans for Ken Hanel and myself to walk across the newly named Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway (U.S.20) in an event called, Walk the Walk. 

May 11th, 2021 Ken, I and a small support crew will begin that 432-mile walk.  We will walk six-mile segments, each of which will be dedicated to a Nebraska Medal of Honor Recipient. We alternate walking three segments each for a total of 36 miles and then join together in walking a 37th mile at the end of each day.  Using the attached file and taking into account each segment takes two hours and that we start at 05:00 am, you are able to easily track our progress.

Anyone is invited to join us anywhere along the walk.  The only rule is you are responsible for your own logistics.  When joining us, the vehicle that dropped you off must leave the area. It is your responsibility when being picked up to safely leave the area.  We never stop walking.  Our schedule is tight.  Safety is paramount.  At the end of our walk we join the community listed in the attached file for supper and to celebrate Nebraska’s newest treasure and largest veteran memorial. 

On May 22nd a motorcycle convoy will cross the Wyoming/Nebraska border at 08:00 am.  Their mission is to cross the length of Nebraska and form a flag line for our entry into Siouxland Freedom Park.  Motorcycles from American Legion Riders, Patriot Guard Riders, ABATE, and all other patriotic motorcyclist are invited to join.  Motorcycles will be joining them all along the highway that day.  We have no idea how many bikes we only know that MANY are planning to take part in this honor ride.  Our fellow patriots are excited. The Facebook page is Nebraska American Legion Medal of Honor Ride.

You are invited to join the motorcycles, Walk the Walk with Ken and I, or you may wish to simply attend the Christening of the highway at 5:30 pm in Siouxland Freedom Park.  I promise it will be a patriotic day to remember. 

When the entourage arrives Medal of Honor Recipient James C. McCloughan of Michigan will sing the National Anthem.  Governor Ricketts has been invited to introduce CMoH McCloughan and Charles Hagemeister one of only two living Nebraska Medal of Honor Recipients.  It has been heard that the Governor may have a special gift for our honored guests.  Both Medal of Honor Recipients will be speaking and then will Christen the Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway.

Segmented Walk 4-14-21