Walk the Walk event update

Update: 5-3-21

ROUTE stops for Highway 20 Ride

Van Tassell Wyo. leaving 7:00 MST 109 miles 1 hour 45 min

Gordon Nebraska arriving 8.45 MST 20 min gas and rest

Gordon Nebraska leaving 9:05 MST 90 miles 1 hour 30 min

Valentine Nebraska arriving 11.35 CST 40 min gas and rest and lunch at the Crossroads Church parking lot on the east end of town by the Econo Lodge Motel signs will be up. Prime Rib sandwiches and chips for a free will offering.

Valentine Nebraska Leaving 12:45 CST 111 miles 1 hour 50 min

O’Neill Nebraska arriving 2:35 CST 20 min gas and rest

O’Neill Nebraska leaving 3:05 CST 115 Miles 2 hours

Jackson Nebraska arriving 5:05 CST

Jackson to South City 10 miles 20 min Arriving destination 5:25

435 miles

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