Nebraska American Legion Medal of Honor Ride

Walk The Walk Event to honor our 74 Medal of Honor Recipients
May 11th Wyoming Border to Crawford Ne. 33 miles
May 12th Crawford Ne. to Hay Springs Ne. 44 miles
May 13th Hay Springs Ne. to Gordon Ne. 27.5 miles
May 14th Gordon Ne to Cody Ne. 54.2 miles
May 15th Cody Ne to Valentine Ne. 38 miles
May 16th Valentine Ne. to Wood Lake Ne. 24.6 miles
May 17th Wood Lake Ne to Bassett Ne. 38.3 miles
May 18th Bassett Ne to Atkinson Ne. 30.7 miles
May 19th Atkinson Ne to Orchard Ne. 44.1 miles
May 20th Orchard Ne. to Osmond Ne. 33.2 miles
May 21st Osmond Ne to Laurel Ne 26.9 miles
May 22nd Laurel Ne. to Sioux City Ne. 39.4 miles
434.9 miles
Daryl Harrison and Kenneth Hanel will walk the walk across Nebraska
One will walk for 2 hours and then the other will take over for 2 hours
They will be followed by RVs and one can rest while the other walks
We are asking the public to please honor them with flag processions as they progress along the route. And show up in numbers to honor them at the towns that they stay in.