Wayne State business students collaborate with Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation

Business communication classes at Wayne State College have gathered ideas for the Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation to use to raise awareness for not only the foundation and its mission, but also its upcoming Walk the Walk Across Nebraska.

The Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation planned a walk that will span the state on Highway 20, which has been designated the Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway by Gov. Pete Ricketts, according to a college media release.

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Delays in Obtaining Military Documents for Eligibility Determinations

Dear Funeral Directors:

We are asking for your assistance. As you may be aware, the government’s primary repository for military personnel records, the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), has been closed to the public since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to numerous COVID-19 exposures occurring with increasing frequency, the NPRC has informed us they have shut down most of their remaining operations indefinitely. This decision negatively impacts our ability to obtain documents to determine eligibility for interment in national cemeteries.

We will continue to make every attempt to assist Veterans and their families, but if a service member’s records cannot be obtained through any source other than NPRC, we may not be able to make a timely eligibility determination.

We ask you to inform family members of this issue and ask them to search for any additional military documents which may be in their possession. Documents kept by the Veteran may be the only documents available at this time to verify his or her eligibility for burial.

We also encourage you to ask family members to check the following:

  • Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) or the American Legion. These organizations may have discharge documents on file for members.
  • Any orders the service member may have received or any documents showing a military service number would be helpful.
  • County clerk of the county where the service member would have returned from service. The service member may have filed their documents with the county upon discharge from military service.
  • If the service member has a set of dog tags, please send a clear photograph of them to our agency.

Any additional information provided may improve our ability to locate records. You may send any additional information or documents by fax at 1-866-900-6417 or by email at NCA.Scheduling@va.gov. Please follow up on the fax or email with a phone call to 1-800-535-1117, Option 1, to alert us to this additional information. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your assistance in this emergency.

Jay Dalrymple

Director, National Cemetery Scheduling Office

St. Louis, MO

KFOR Veterans Voices Program

The July 12 program is now posted on the KFOR Website:


To hear the program, click on PODCASTS in the upper center of the page, select VETERANS VOICE, then scroll down to the date.  You will note that a number of past programs are there also, and you can select the date you’d like.

Thank you for participating in this program or a previous one.  It’s on from 7:30 to 8:00 A.M. each Sunday morning, and available on this Podcast tab for 24/7 listening.  I hope you will help us disseminate the address and make the program as widely available to Vets as possible.

If you have any suggestions for features in upcoming programs, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Charlie Brogan

Alpha Media, Lincoln, NE 68504



Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway receives new sign

It was January 31st that Governor Ricketts signed legislation to turn Nebraska’s portion of US Highway 20 into Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway.

In the world of military service, the Congressional Medal of Honor is a decoration of the highest order. It is the most esteemed award that can be given to a serviceman.


It was January 31st that Governor Ricketts signed legislation to turn Nebraska’s portion of US Highway 20 into Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway.


It was a show of reverence that doubles as being the largest monument in Nebraska’s history.


“A memorial never to be forgotten,” said Daryl Harrison, Vice Commander of the Nebraska Department of the American Legion. “A memorial to Nebraska’s greatest military heroes.”

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Nebraska Medal of Honor is now working with Thrivent Choice®

Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation is now enrolled in Thrivent Choice® and will be listed in the Thrivent Choice online catalog within one week.

Thrivent Choice is a member-advised program that allows eligible members to recommend where Thrivent distributes part of its charitable outreach funds each year. When eligible Thrivent members direct Choice Dollars® to your organization in a particular month, Thrivent reviews the recommendation and makes an electronic deposit in your organization’s bank account by the 10th of the following month. Those funds may be used to carry out the religious, charitable or educational purposes of your organization.

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