Highway 20 has been renamed the Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway!

Nebraska only provides two signs (that must be paid for by NMoHFoundation) for the Nebraska Medal of Honor highway within the right-of-way, one on each border. Those signs have been paid for by the Foundation.  I have been in contact with the NDoR District Three Office which will erect a sign on the Nebraska side of the Missouri at So. Sioux City.  It was agreed they would give me a heads up when they were ready to erect the sign.  The Highway belongs to all active military, veterans, and patriotic organizations of Nebraska.  Therefore, I am asking you to RSVP if you wish to be with us when the sign goes up in So. Sioux City.  It is my personal hope that active military, all VSOs and other patriotic organizations will have a representative there for the picture.  There will be a sign that goes up at the Wyoming border and if any of the above would like to be present when that sign is raised please contact me, so that I can make arrangements with NDoR’s District One.  I will ask American Legion representatives out west to cover that sign raising.  The check has been cashed for the signs, so I expect this will happen soon.


The signs the state puts up inside the right-of-way do not portray the value and honor that should be attributed to a Medal of Honor Highway.  Our initial push is for 10 signs.  Signs are approximately $2,000 each as attested by Oregon (Oregon has 14 and Wyoming has 14).  We are working toward acceptable sized signs outside the right-of-way at each border, two at Gordon, two at Valentine, two at O’Neill, two where the Highway diverges from HWY 275.  The second initiative is four more signs.  These signs would be along the VFW Memorial Highway/Blue Star Memorial Highway north and south of Valentine on Hwy 83 and two north and south of O’Neil on HWY 281 – The American Legion Memorial Highway.   Thus, the Foundation then is working toward $24,000 to raise the signs and has been advised to have two ready as replacements in the event of damage and replacements at the ready for the borders for NDoR in the event of damage. 


The Foundation was created that Nebraska could honor their Medal of Honor Recipients and be part of the national effort to create a National Medal of Honor Highway.  It was also created to relieve the financial burden of any one entity of being responsible for such an undertaking.  I as the President of the Foundation and Ken Hanel as the Treasurer are walking across the Highway beginning May 11, 2020 and ending May 22 in South Sioux City at Siouxland Freedom Park.  The park is at the center of Highway coast-to-coast and has claimed that position as part of the National MoH Highway effort.  Our trek is call Walk the Walk  and is being conducted to raise awareness and honor Nebraska’s Medal of Honor Recipients.  Each six-mile segment is being dedicated in honor of a specific MoH Recipient.  We will also be soliciting for donations. 


That being said fellow members of Active Military, Retired, Veteran Service Organizations Members, and Patriots of Nebraska, who wish to honor Nebraska’s greatest Warriors, donations are appropriate and being accepted.


The Nebraska Medal of Honor is a registered 501 © 3


Donations can be made via our website, can be sent to my address below, or you can bring a check with you and “Walk The Walk”.


I will avail myself on behalf of the Foundation to any organization needing us to address their membership.


We are still in need of someone coming forward with a motor home that sleeps four and is equipped with washer/dryer, generator, microwave and refrigerator.  We have drivers willing to dedicate 12 days to this or the owner can be one of us. 




Daryl G. Harrison – President

Box 266, 355 So. Main

Thurston, NE  68062

[email protected]